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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mason Gets Voted Off the Island

Photos, clockwise from top left: 1) View of area around San Simeon State Park from window of the RV. 2) Clyde sleeping in the RV arm chair. 3) Shiloh sleeping off an active night on the top bunk. 3) Mason, alert but sitting still for a change on the RV armchair.

RV Adventure #2 was the end of July. I decided it was time to take advantage of some of the beautiful campgrounds in California, and San Simeon seemed a good choice. I hadn't been to that part of the coast (south of Big Sur/north of Santa Barbara) in years. The coast was the right choice, since temperatures have been hovering around 110 inland. Heading south seemed like a good idea, since the chance of sun seemed more likely there than north of San Francisco.

I'm trying to get the cats acclimated to travel, since they're part of my long-range roam-the-country plan. Cats are notoriously bad travelers, and mine have never given me any indication they'd be otherwise, but since three out of four of them made the trek across country last year and did fairly well with it, I could hope.

For starters, I couldn't catch Peanut to get her into the camper. Like the Cheshire Cat, she just made herself disappear somewhere in the house. After about an hour of searching for her, with the other cats waiting and wondering in the RV, I decided Peanut was going to be left behind. Thanks to Ronni West, On-Call Catsitter Extraordinaire, I knew Peanut would be OK, if a little lonely with us gone.

The ride south on Route 1 along the ocean was beautiful, and Sonny Boy handled the many curves easily once I got the hang of driving the RV on such a winding road, but the same can't be said for Mason. By the time we reached San Simeon, he had tipped over the litter box and peed in the cat bed I'd brought along. One of the cats had also thrown up, but that might have been Clyde. Shiloh spent the trip hiding in the slide-out area of the camper, and Clyde struck a long-suffering pose under the dining table. So much for happy travelers. I was having a great time, though, listening to lots of CDs on the 4-5 hour ride it turned out to be.

We camped at San Simeon State Park, which was simple but very nice. The cats were happy to be in a nonmoving vehicle, although Mason followed Clyde everywhere he went, to the point that Clyde was getting mightily annoyed, as he sometimes does when Mason acts too needy. Shiloh was just happy to be hanging out. Once the motor stops in the RV, she's back to her curious and comedic self.

We spent a couple of nights there, and during the day I checked out San Luis Obispo (neat town worth a longer visit) and various beautiful beaches. I had intended to go to Hearst Castle, but I ended up passing on that in order to spend more time watching the waves at one of the beaches. At night I kept the shade pulled up next to the bed so I could see the stars and the moon through the trees that surrounded our campsite. The temperature would drop to the low 50s, and the cats were happy to snuggle with me on the bed.

Two days later, we were heading up. For the trip back, I decided to go over at Paso Robles and get on Highway 101. Before we even got to the 101 Mason, who had been crying his little heart out for most of the trip so far, pooped in the middle of the RV floor. After I pulled over and cleaned up the mess, we took a family vote and decided that Mason would not be coming back on the next trip. Our little landlubber would stay home and keep Peanut company, happily entertained by the amazing Ronni, she of the magic laser light and catnip. As for Shiloh and Clyde, we'll see if they want to join me on the next adventure.

Stay tuned.


  • At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Rosie said…

    Mary, you are truly a brave woman! I love the photos. Sounds like you made a good decision on Mason. He still gets a parting gift, right? So happy you had a nice trip.
    : ) Rosie

  • At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Bear...
    I am sorry I couldn't have made this trip with you! I mean... with all the sick felines!


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